Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Media Matters Versus Big Government

I thought this was interesting.  I plugged in the domains for Media Matters and Big Government into this website that compares site traffic.  The results were pretty interesting.

While Big Government started strong, with it's debut of their ACORN videos, the last six months showed an intersting trend while Media Matters showed a steady increase.

I also thought it was interesting when seeing the top search terms for the websites - people found Big Government by looking for "big government," were referred to Big Government from such sites like Breitbart, Drudge Report, and Intense Debate (their commenting software), and sent readers back to sites such as Breitbart, Drudge Report, and Big Journalism.  This kind of cyclical information gathering is what feeds the right-wing.  People find Big Government because that is what they are searching for and leave Big Government for other sites controlled by either Andrew Breitbart or his cronies.

The same can probably be said about Media Matters, seeing that a top referral site and destination site is The Huffington Post, but when you compare the other search terms and destinations to that of Big Government, you see a different picture - readers of Media Matters explore more information instead of stepping into some sort of echo chamber.  Just look at the percentages of where their readers go:

Most readers of Big Government go right back into a Breitbart creation...

Thought these figures were interesting enough to share.


  1. This was very interesting and uplifting!
    It let's me know I was right and the right is just walking around in circles gathering false information while the rest of us are scurrying around tryin' to figure out all this stuff goin' on around us.
    Thanks so much for your perspective on this.

  2. The right-wing has a one-dimensional outlook. I had noticed that conservatives like to argue Glenn Beck's ratings, and it is true - a lot of Fox News programs are getting a lot more viewership.

    The real question is what are these viewers doing. This post is a very simplistic look at things but it proves that the right-wing is doing what you say - "walking around in circles gathering false information."

    The only thing I am concerned about is that those who are gathering this incorrect information are a large chunk of people, and I fear that those who do not belong to the fringe are not doing enough to show how dangerous these "news" organizations can be...

    Another thing that made me happy about this post was to see that Media Matters had an increase in readers more then Big Government...


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