Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rush Limbaugh Believes Liberals Majority

I was first told about this by fellow Midnight Review blogger Craig right after Rush Limbaugh made the comments on his radio program - it wasn't until today that I found the original transcripts to post.

On Limbaugh's June 25th program, Limbaugh complained that America was being ruled by a liberal minority, but Craig pointed out something very interesting.  Limbaugh stated that the number of people who identified themselves as conservative stood at 42% while moderates grabbed 35% of the population and liberals grabbed 20%, but, Limbaugh soon after stated that "moderates are liberals without the guts to say so." I don't know about Limbaugh's math skills, but according to his own numbers,  liberals constitute 55% of the population leading conservatives by 13 points.
Well, another power grab took place this morning with this financial regulatory reform bill. Obama doesn't know what's in it, he doesn't care what's in it because all he knows is it gives him more power and more authority and the government gets bigger. Chris Dodd's out there saying, "Well, we really won't know what's in this 'til it starts taking place." Just like Pelosi, we gotta pass health care to find out what's in it, same thing with this, another 2,000 pages. Folks, we are being ruled by a minority, and it is stark, this reality. "The number of Americans identifying themselves as conservative or very conservative stands at 42 percent according to new Gallup numbers. That's compared to 35 percent who describes themselves as moderate and 20 percent who describe themselves as liberal. The results are based on eight Gallup surveys conducted over the past six months.

"According to Gallup's Lydia Saad: 'The 42% identifying as conservative represents a continuation of the slight but statistically significant edge conservatives achieved over moderates in 2009. Should that figure hold for all of 2010, it would represent the highest annual percentage identifying as conservative in Gallup's history of measuring ideology with this wording, dating to 1992.' Gallup also found that self-identified independents are slightly more likely to label themselves moderate than conservative-- 41 percent to 36 percent. Just 19 percent of independents consider themselves liberal." Now, that's fine and dandy, but moderates are liberals without the guts to say so. Moderates are a bunch of liberals who think they're smarter than everybody else, more tolerant than everybody else and less judgmental than everybody else, and more open-minded than everybody else. Still, doesn't matter, we are being ruled by a minority. Twenty percent of this country is liberal and look what they're doing!
See the stupidity that is Limbaugh?

Should conservatives return to power, they would also be a minority group, but people like Limbaugh don't want to hear that.  They would prefer their minority is in power so they can impose their beliefs on the population...

Here are the figures Limbaugh referenced on his program:

Now check out this other graph from the same poll:

It appears that moderates outnumber conservatives, and as Limbaugh pointed out, moderates are liberals.  The poll also indicates that within certain age groups, liberals outnumber conservatives, but Limbaugh doesn't care about those numbers...


  1. Another point to consider. These polls aren't asking people which party they voted for but how they identify themselves (liberal, conservative, etc.).

    Looking at these numbers you could say that the conservative majority (or non-liberal majority) must really have agreed more with the liberal leaning democrats otherwise they would not be supposedly running this country. This shows
    how far the conservative parties have strayed in order to alienate their voter base.

    And you can't say this difference is because Obama and the "ruling minority" are suddenly acting out of character, because as has been proven on this site and others, they are doing exactly what they promised to do. They stated their intentions, the majority of the people agreed with them regardless of their own political ideology and voted, and then its 2010 and everything that was promised is being acted upon. Go figure :)

    Just maybe, the very vocal, small minority that is being championed by Rush, Beck and Hannity is just that...a very vocal, small minority with the money and avenues to make them appear as a false majority (talk radio, Fox News).

  2. "Just maybe, the very vocal, small minority that is being championed by Rush, Beck and Hannity is just that...a very vocal, small minority with the money and avenues to make them appear as a false majority (talk radio, Fox News)."

    The Spiral of Silence...

  3. The word liberal has been so pillaried over the last forty years, that there are a lot more liberals out there than identifu with the label.

    I read a poll on lssues a while back and over sixty percent identified with liberal positions on most issues.

  4. I think the labels are interesting. I like to label myself as moderate, with an understanding that not every one of my positions are black or white - liberal or conservative. I hold many traditionally "conservative" views alongside traditional "liberal" ones and I feel that I am in the middle.

    I am the swing vote that each party should be trying to get to vote for them, but while the Democrats are working hard to get my backing, Republicans can care less...

    Conservatives seem to want to purify everything and label things as conservative (good) or liberal (bad). That tends to leave very little wiggle room. Limbaugh constantly attacks liberals yet fails to comprehend that he is in the minority and this article illustrates the fact that you point out - that there are more people that identify with the label of liberal then the conservatives want people to think, which is understandable being they are in the minority.


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