Monday, June 14, 2010

Fox News Promotes Tea Party Candidate By Pushing Falsehoods

Want more proof that Fox News is working to promote the Tea Party agenda?  Sam Stein of The Huffington Post detailed the recent interview of Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle by Fox and Friends where the show's hosts seemed to coddle the right-wing candidate.
The hosts of "Fox and Friends" were widely ridiculed on Monday morning for their interview with Senate candidate Sharron Angle in which probing -- or, more importantly, factually-based -- questions seemed to be sorely lacking.

Notably, the hosts stated as fact that Angle was a newcomer to the political scene (she's not) and had earned the endorsement of Sarah Palin (she hasn't). It was enough to cause some quizzical and critical takes from the Nevada press, including the local Fox affiliate, which wondered why the network had done such little preparation for the interview (Palin actually gave a "shout-out" to the defeated candidate in the race, Sue Lowden).
Fox News is constantly promoting falsehoods, but this instance is ridiculous.  They have blatantly disregarded the facts to push their politics and influence an election.

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  1. Please like the leftwing MSM doesn't do that every day...remember the 2008 Presidential election? The "anointed one?"
    Still, it is embarrassing for them (Fox) they can't get their facts straight.


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