Monday, June 21, 2010

Marco Rubio Doesn't Want To Help You...

Marco Rubio, Tea Party Senate candidate for Florida, wrote an interesting little piece for National Review Online on Wednesday, June 16th. I thought I would comment on some of it:
While the economy was still in crisis, those in power pegged health-care reform as the priority issue. What we ended up with was a massive trillion-dollar law that brings us one step closer to government-run health care. And like most things coming out of Washington in the last 17 months, it comes with an unimaginable price tag that future generations will have to pay.
I guess Rubio is unaware of what kind of dire straights the current American health care system is in.  Health care reform is a priority, and anyone wanting to be an elected official stating otherwise should not be elected.

Rubio concluded his article attacking cap-and-trade and the handling of the oil crisis, making some obligatory campaign shout outs to the "fisherman in Destin" or the "waiter in Pensacola," but did Rubio offer up nothing then some empty promises?  It sounds as if he is guilty of what the right accused the President of doing when on the campaign trail - offering up promises of "hope" and "change" without defining what he means.

With Rubio being out of touch with the electorate, no wonder why the polls show Crist leading with 11-points...

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