Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tired Of Blaming Bush? Republicans Prefer Clinton!

This excellent clip appeared on Jon Stewart's program last night and does a great job illustrating the conservative hypocrisy when it comes time to accepting responsibility.  The right continually attack their critics for blaming a lot of the current problems, like the economy or oil disaster, on the previous administration, but as Stewart points out - the right can't stop blaming former president Bill Clinton

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I thought it was interesting how even though David Axelrod said the administration was dealing with a lot at the moment, the folks at Fox interpreted that as being Bush's fault. I thought Axelrod's comment was a poor choice of words because I recall during the presidential campaign, when McCain and Obama were asked during a debate what they will tackle first - while McCain gave an outline, Obama stated he would take it all on at the same time. How is this disaster any different?

For the most part, the president has lived up to his promise, trying to address the many problems he inherited when he came into office simultaneously. Fox's interpretation of his comments were partially correct - while they attacked Axelrod for his statements, they presumably intended to absolve Bush of his sins with theirs.  Blaming the Bush administration is still a valid response...


  1. The republicans have been ging back as far as Woodrow Wilson in an attempt to deflect blame for our Nation's misery from Reagan and Bush.

    It's dishonest but if you look at t impartially, it's really all they have.

  2. I find it interesting how blatant their lies are and yet so many people fall for them.


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