Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Glenn Beck Alienates "Birthers"

There is a right-wing blog out there called The Steady Drip.  It is a nice name for a blog and it recently had a nice article.  The article I am referring to discussed how Glen Beck is alienating himself from the rest of the fringe i.e. the "birthers."

The article goes on to mention that Glenn Beck has lost half his audience in the past few months, and the author mentions that they had been turned off because Beck has insulted the "birthers."
Beck has alienated me because of his treatment of Americans who are troubled by Obama’s continual refusal to release many documents, including his school records (from kindergarten through Harvard Law School), passports, medical reports, and original long-form birth certificate.
The author believes Obama's failure to indulge the birthers is due to a cover up that seems to have started when he was born, when his parents made a false birth announcement in a Hawaiian newspaper knowing that one day their Kenyan-born child would be president.

I had a good laugh at the next couple of paragraphs:
Glenn Beck has every right not to join the ranks of the skeptical. What skeptical Americans do not appreciate, however, is that he threw in his lot with our political enemies who make fun of us.
On Jan. 4, 2010, Beck used the derisive word “birthers” to refer to those who question why Obama continues to refuse to release his long-form birth certificate. Even worse, Beck calls us stupid, referring to the ”birther thing” as ”the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.”

I have a Ph.D., was a tenured Full Professor, and am the sole author of four scholarly books and the co-author of another six. So I am secure in my intelligence credentials and not in the least intimidated by Beck’s or RedState’s or anyone’s mockery. Nor should others who do not have university degrees be intimidated. Your intelligence is not certified by diplomas. Actually, the stupid are those who mock us because they don’t even have the elementary common sense to know that a person lies and conceals only because he has something to hide because the truth is damaging.
I thought it was funny that a Ph. D. would be a "birther," and on top of that, I thought it was funny that they would take offense to the term "birther."  Weren't people like the "birthers" the ones who coined the term "truther" to refer to people who questioned the governments involvement in the terrorist attacks on September 11th?

I don't know about you, but this all seems stupid to me, and I feel sorry for the author of the article.  I do agree with one thing they wrote - Glenn Beck makes a "poor teacher."  The author claimed Beck "rambled," and "wandered off topic," which is all true .  They state that they left watching Beck's program with nothing new other then a bunch of unrelated names.

It is interesting to see that even the fringe are abandoning Glenn Beck.  Don't be fooled - Beck still has a good following, but the far-right is becoming even more fractious...


  1. Well, I've got the answer to all of your questions, but you'll have to don

    your thinking cap, first: The reason "The perfect President's" Legend,

    documentation, and mixed ethnic background is at once simple, and yet

    I have lived a lifetime of espionage simply because of who my father was,

    former East German Ministerium fuer Staatssichheit (STASI) General Markus

    "Misha" Wolf, the head of their version of the CIA.
    It's been touted that he was "Turned" in 1992, but that one secret I had to

    keep from 1977, when I was sent to West Germany to lure him out. It worked,

    and he was counter-run from then. It seemed his wish to go down in history

    for "Having perfected the use of sex as an espionage tool" was quite true.

    He had Celiac's Disease, why he was called "The man with no face," because

    that genetic disorder gives one a demeanor of being "Mentally Ill, Retarded,

    perverse" and is perfect for use as an undercover agent, or spy. This

    gluten-based dietary disorder is the basis for "The Manchurian Candidate"

    syndrome; I know, I've been run that way all my life.
    Wolf impregnated several women who also had it, in order to run life-long

    progeny agents against specific American Institutions in a timely agenda that

    would have brought about American's collapse from within.
    I was to be used in an historic inheritance legal loophole, the very right to

    own property. Barack Obama's usage is also obvious.
    So why would this master spy of documentation, Legend-building, agent-running

    etc., leave Obama such gaping openings in his "History" as to be eventually

    his downfall? Well, like I say, Gen. Wolf was turned in 1977, not 1992, as

    publicized. While he was white, Obama's mother was a black Indonesian, or so I was told to remember.
    In the meantime, the CIA and the Bushes have been very busy pre-empting the

    known agenda of downfall for our country, while letting the enemy think they

    were winning. That had the benefit of forestalling the invasion of Europe,

    for the hopeful economic downfall of we through CHICOM slave-labor Walmart

    The American People have been presented with all the "Benefits" that

    Socialism could possible offer, short the Martial Law. Hopefully, tomorrow,

    the last day that SCOTUS sits, will be that day when they demand his BC, and

    deem him ineligible. Everything he's put into place or appointed will be

    reversed, and the living Presidents will have to run the country until

    special elections are called.
    See my "Family photos" at www.rickhyatt.freeservers.com
    Thank you


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