Monday, June 21, 2010

Glenn Beck Committed Incest With Sister?

I was reading the discussion forum at when I noticed a topic thread titled "Did Glenn have an incestuous relationship with his sister?"

I have to admit I was intrigued by what the thread propositioned and so I checked it out.  The topic directed readers to a link for an online copy of Glenn Beck's book The Real America: Messages from the Heart and Heartland in which Beck professes that he is in love with his sister.  He asks his readers to not judge him and his sister, "as a couple," and to only be "tolerant" of his "different" love - his "familial love."

I was completely surprised.  A quick Google revealed another interesting article reported by Ellen at News Hounds that discussed the same book.
We're going to throw a little something out there, and you may, as we did, find it deeply disturbing. Glenn Beck wrote the following passages in one of his books:
“I thought that one day, I would just wake up and realize it was just a stupid fling . . just innocent experimentation... I thought that if I admitted the love I had been hiding, society would reject me . . . .”

“It all started one day when I was twelve . . . That's when I found my true love . . . I had looked this person's way a few times and got that nervous feeling in my stomach – but I had been taught that this love was forbidden.”

“Then came the fair . . . my hand brushed this person's . . . my palms began to sweat . . . my hands began to shake . . . the Ferris wheel came to a complete stop.”

“I looked deeply into this person's eyes, and reached out to softly touch this person's face. I leaned in and I kissed this person.”

I kissed my sister. First our lips met, seconds later our tongues. I ran my fingers through her silky hair and felt her soft skin. It was the height of passion and the moment I knew who my true love was . . . We knew we had done something so wrong, but at the same time, something so very right.

“Since then we have met in secret several times . . My sister and I are in love . . . I realize that I am different . . . but am I so different that I haven't earned the right to love . . . I simply ask you to be tolerant.”

“ . . . We will make love.”

“Please do not refer to us as an 'incestuous' couple. Keep the hate language to yourself. We prefer to think of the gift we have been given as 'familial love.'”

“By now, you probably have realized that I am not in love with my sister . . . I wrote this to make a point.”
What you just read were excerpts of a passage (pp. 154-159) from Beck's book, The Real America: Messages from the Heart and Heartland,copyright 2003.
Interesting?  Keep in mind this is the guy a lot of right-wing followers like to get their news from.

Beck later writes that he made it all up, but it sounds a bit odd that he would use that as an example, and again - this is the guy conservative simpletons like to get their "news" from.  How would he feel if Kieth Olbermann made some kind of wild story about having sex with his sister and wanting to have children?

This little experiment Beck conducted also shows his intolerance for others - particularly homosexuals.  In his incestuous story, Beck asks the reader why they should care what kind of relationship he is in if it does not harm them in any way, but he later throws all that out the window when he reveals it was all one big lie.  Now consider some of the arguments in favor of homosexual marriage - something Glenn Beck says would destroy the universe.
Some lady called Glenn Beck’s radio show today, and brought up the totally original point that gay marriage will lead to incest.

If gay marriage is “all about love”, she wonders, “Why wouldn’t I be able to argue for wanting to marry my sister?

Probably because of anti-incest laws and powerful, timeless societal taboos. (That said, there is no reason marriage should be linked to sex. As a fair number of very smart people have pointed out, the government has no business legislating romantic love. This means that marriage, as a legal institution, should not be closed to any unit, including siblings and friends. And no, this doesn’t mean everyone will suddenly start banging their brothers and sisters. It means that non-romantic relationships often form viable social units and it makes no sense to deny any grouping of people who live as a family the legal rights and privileges conferred by marriage.)

Anyway, Beck and the caller proceed to stoke each other’s stupidity until the nonsense escalates to the point where same-sex marriage turns into some sort of Gay Galactus. “I contend [marriage] is the building block of the entire universe. If the male and the female don’t get together, then the whole universe collapses,” says renowned astrophysicist Beck.
It seems that Glenn Beck is only an expert at being intolerant of others.  If and when the conservatives ever return to power, don't expect Glenn Beck's hatred and intolerance to disappear.

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  1. Continued inbreeding is an essential part of the GOP plan. It produces people weak-minded enough to vote Repuglican. ;-)


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