Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Conservative Talking Point: Oil Disaster Boosts Jobs Report

I thought I would take a walk on the wild side today and see how it felt to wear a tin hat and spout crazy theories and baseless attacks against the administration.

The Hussein Obama administration is facing another dismal month of job creation, but it seems the Messiah has found away to cook the books this month - BP and the oil disaster. It seems that all those donations from oil during 2008 are finally pay off. The Muslim in Chief has taken a soft handed approach with BP in exchange for jobs.

That's right.

BP has hired 4,500 unemployed people to clean the beaches - don't think those liberals won't use their departure from the ranks of the unemployed to their advantage entering into elections this fall, and don't forget what happens when the oil work dries up - those same BP lackeys will go back on the welfare rolls and collect for some more time.

Remember all the past couple reports were pumped up from the hiring of Census workers)? It seems the administration found a brand new scam...

Very strange experiment but easy, especially when it requires no concrete facts and a lot of assumptions...

Let's see if this lie spreads...

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