Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Crist Leads The Polls In Florida

Here is an article by Lee Logan from The Miami Herald:
Gov. Charlie Crist leads a three-way matchup for the U.S. Senate in a new Quinnipiac University poll of Florida voters, while both of the top Republican contenders for governor lead likely Democratic nominee Alex Sink.

The poll also shows Floridians have soured on additional offshore oil drilling and disapprove of President Barack Obama's response to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

In the marquee race this fall, the independent Crist leads with 37 percent of the vote, compared to 33 percent for Republican Marco Rubio and 17 percent for Democrat Kendrick Meek.

``Obviously there is a long time until November, but the governor is doing very well among independent voters,'' Peter Brown, assistant director for Quinnipiac's Polling Institute, said in a news release.
Looks like Meek had slipped in the polls since the last time I looked at them. Crist's small lead over Rubio is pretty good, but in my opinion, the stronger he performs between now and election, the more votes Crist will siphon from Meek...


  1. I wonder if disapproval of Obama's response to the spill is because many people are under the impression that Obama did not respond immediately and took too long, as was falsely reported by Fox News through their normal entertainers Beck and Hannity (which they have yet to correct themselves and admit they were wrong).

    Further proof of the danger of letting entertainers "report" news to the public without someone to report to?

  2. I believe a recent poll showed that many people in Florida have felt the president hasn't done enough, which I find confusing because the administration has been heavily involved.

    Conservative pundits like to point out how many times Obama played golf or went to events during the almost two months of this disaster. I guess they wanted him to wade in the waters of Louisiana and baptize his children in the oil slicks.


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