Wednesday, June 2, 2010

This "Political Huckster" Can Do Math - Part II

Thought I might share this fun little fact:

Between April 14th and June 2nd, this site has had 3,734 visits.  The Midknight Review, the site run by conservative activist John Smithson, had only 2,180 visits (according to the site counter on the main page compared to statistics offered by The Midknight Review back in April).  That is 71% greater then that of the conservative site...

Below are the site's numbers, both then and now (look at the numbers for "Midknight Review II"):

Here are my stats for the same period of time:

You may notice an increase in the number of visits at the end of May.  That was a result of a particular article I had written regarding former half-term governor Sarah Palin.  If you eliminate the visits I had received for that one particular article, I would have 2,552 - a 372 visit lead on The Midknight Review.

You may also notice that The Midknight Review included in their site statistics a whole bunch of other websites, but as I had demonstrated back in April, the counters don't take into consideration that each site is a separate from the other - I had visited each site the day prior to John Smithson's post and as I had indicated, my visits were counted separately, showing that my one trip to The Midknight Review was counted almost ten times.

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