Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Democrats Level The Playing Field With New Website

Mike Allen wrote the following for Politico:
The Democratic National Committee is seeking “Macaca” moments. The party today is opening a website, www.accountabilityproject.com, designed to recruit and display embarrassing audio and video of Republican candidates, as well as information about their schedules and copies of their mailers.

Campaigns have long made videotapes of each other, using “trackers” who follow the opposition from event to event. It was a young tracker who shot the video footage of then-Sen. George Allen (R-Va.) that wound up sinking his campaign.

The DNC hopes campaigns and journalists will use the footage in ads and news coverage. The site targets both 2010 candidates and 2012 hopefuls.

“[R]egular citizens can upload video or audio they’ve captured at pubic campaign events, and they can upload event information for upcoming campaign appearances by Republican candidates so others can attend and hold Republicans accountable of they don't tell the truth.,” a DNC official said. “Unlike YouTube where you can only upload video, … users can download high quality videos from the site for clipping and using for their own projects (web videos, ads, etc).”

A DNC official said the party will screen the video “for inappropriate content, authenticity, etc. We don't want people trying to make something out of something that didn't happen by splicing the video — we want good raw footage of authentic moments on the trail.”
I think this is excellent and Democrats are finally catching on - they needed to develop a strategy to combat right-wing propaganda like what is spewed forth from the likes of Fox News and their buddies at Andrew Breitbart's websites.  I particularly thought the last paragraph of my citation was interesting because unlike conservative sites, the DNC is actually trying to find "authentic moments," not manufactured ones like what you commonly read about at Big Government.

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