Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Importance Of Education

While Keith Olbermann makes some very good points for the various things he mentions in this piece, I think the icing on the cake comes at the end where Sarah Palin told the audience at her Cal State Stanislaus speech that Reagan graduated from Eureka College in California - a non-existent college.

This gaffe demonstrates two things - why education is important and just how much crap Palin is really full of.  Palin's error wasn't one of those moments where she accidentally said the wrong thing.  If you look closer at the video, you can see her try to think.  She tried to pander to the crowd, and for the idiots who refuse to get any of their news outside of the conservative media echo chamber, they will forever believe Reagan attended Eureka College. 

Maybe she should have Googled a little bit harder when writing her speech...

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