Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Support Proposition 14 In California

An article by CNN's Kevin Bohn and Paul Steinhauser cover California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's supportfor Proposition 14, opening up the state's primaries.
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is urging Californians to vote in favor of a measure that aims to dramatically alter the state's primary process.

The initiative, known as Proposition 14, is on the ballot Tuesday as California holds primary elections. The measure would overhaul how primaries for statewide and congressional elections are run. Instead of candidates from the Democratic and Republican parties running in separate contests and the winners facing off in a general election, Proposition 14 would have all candidates run together in a first round of voting.

The two candidates receiving the most votes would then compete in the general election, regardless of party affiliation. Supporters say the proposition would open up the process by not restricting voters to party-line choices.
I think this is an excellent idea.  The proposition is supported by a majority of the population and will help increase the involvement of more of the electorate.  Critics believe it will weaken the parties while proponents believe it will aid moderates who have a tough time against party ideologues that sway party poltics - just look at the Tea Party's involvement in this year's primary elections.

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