Monday, July 26, 2010

100 Days Since "Cease And Desist" Request By John Smithson And Still No Action

Remember what happened 100 days ago?  I do - John Smithson left a comment with The Midnight Review asking us to cease using the name "The Midnight Review" because it closely resembled the name of his own website.  Smithson claimed to be legally justified and threatened repurcussions should this site choose not to change it's name.  Well, it seems that The Midnight Review has called Smithson's bluff - after 100 days have passed, there has been no further push from John Smithson to take down this website.

Smithson had gone as far as to copy the header of this site out of spite, thinking plagiarism is okay when he does it.  The funny thing is Smithson posted links to the U.S. Copyright Office which debunks his entire claim!  I hope Smithson didn't pay too much for that expert legal advice he got leading him to believe this site copied his name and "slandered" him in a public forum.

Since this website had pointed out that Smithson's copyright policy is pretty much null and void and that there is no legal standing to pursue a "cease and desist" against The Midnight Review, Smithson seems to have fallen silent, even going as far as to delete his original attack against this site and this author from his own website.  It's nice to see Smithson practicing that right-wing revisionist tradition that is alive and well in the conservative blogosphere...

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