Saturday, July 3, 2010

Gallup Shows Vocal Tea Party Not Majority, Overwhelmingly Backs Republicans

A recent Gallup poll indicated that many from the Tea Party overlap with the Republican base. While any idiot could have told you that, I thought the accompanying numbers were interesting.

Let's look at all the figures:

I thought that it is interesting that the image above separates Republicans into two categories and Democrats into three, but more importantly, it shows that while 44% of Americans are some kind of Republican, 46% are some kind of Democrat.  The figures also show that despite Tea Party claims that they are independent, they really are Republican.

These figures were interesting for two reasons - the first being the current right-wing narrative that Republicans are going to pick up some seats in November's elections and the second showing that out of all Americans, more want Democrats, not Republicans.  I think these numbers indicate The Spiral of Silence - the majority remaining silent while an overly vocal minority claims to represent the will of the people.  Of course conservatives are going to make some gains this fall but it has nothing to do with dissatisfaction with the Democrats - it has more to do with voter apathy.

Also, if you consider the constant attacks on Obama coming from the right, claiming his approval is at record lows, if you consider the numbers above, it shows that a majority of Americans still approve of his performance, and when compared to numbers indicating who Tea Partiers support, then it makes things pretty clear - the Tea Party is an extremely vocal minority (with the backing of national conservative media like Fox News).

Pelosi's numbers were also interesting - recent reports show Congressional approval ratings to be hovering around the low 20s, so if you think about it this way, Pelosi is ranked almost twice that of Congress.

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  1. Just as I said, the Tewabaggers are the GOP's storm troopers.


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