Tuesday, July 27, 2010

John Smithson's Silly Assertions - Wikipedia Is "Left Leaning"

I checked out conservative activist John Smithson's website just now and saw something very amusing - John Smithson wrote in an article citing Wikipedia, calling the website "left leaning."  Could Smithson get anymore ridiculous?

How is Wikipedia a leftist site - the Wikimedia Foundation is a nonprofit charitable foundation operating collaboratively edited reference sites!  That means anyone can edit the site!  The only way the site would be "left leaning" would be if the majority of the editors, which would be anyone in the world, was a liberal. 

I guess Smithson was unhappy with what Wikipedia had to say about the Center for American Progress, so it had to be liberal - isn't it convenient that everytime conservatives are unhappy with a person, place, or thing, it immediately becomes some kind of Marxist/socialist/progressive/liberal entity? 

I wonder what that says about Smithson's claim that "virtually all major-city-papers are left leaning?"

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