Monday, July 12, 2010

John Smithson Copies The Midnight Review Again!

As I had written earlier, John Smithson had decided to copy the title of this blog to apparently prove a point -  that this website had allegedly stole the name of his website.  Does that make sense?  Smithson plagiarizes this website to prove that he was plagiarized?

After I reported on Smithson's plagiarism, Smithson admitted guilt in a comment left on this website.  In response to Smithson's blatant violation of my intellectual property, I had filed a Digital Millenium Copyright Act infringement notification with Google regarding Smithson's website.  Here is an image of the offending material:

Here is an image of this website's header, which Smithson copied:

Smithson changed the title of his website shortly after I had filed the DMCA infringement notification:

Now it appears that Smithson had changed his mind and had decided to plagiarize this site yet again:

This would be like Smithson naming his website "Foxx News - Fair and Balanced."  John Smithson has purposefully changed the title of his website to try and mislead visitors into thinking they are visiting this site - He wants readers to believe that his site is the "new and revised" version of The Midnight Review.  The Midnight Review receives more traffic then Smithson's page so it is obvious that he is trying to ride on the coattails of The Midnight Review. 

Need proof?

Smithson recently added a live traffic feed so that visitors can see just who exactly visited his site.  Whenever I visit his site, it shows up as "a visitor from Kissimmee, Florida."  This makes measuring Smithson's site traffic very easy.  In four hours time, Smithson had about six visitors to his website.  The Midnight Review had about eight times as many in the same amount of time.

It is sad that such a small blog would waste it's time with such pathetic little games.  The only reason why I am writing these articles is because John Smithson had written disparaging remarks on his site about me, and until an apology is published, I will continue to write about how much of a fraud John Smithson really is.


  1. Here is the truth, for a change, about what I do with the title of my website: I was here long before you, Kevin. It is you who has plagiarized my title.

    You stole my blog name. You pretend to be a "moderate Republican" when in fact, you are a Socialist liberal.

    Your writing is horrendous, grammatically and otherwise. You are simply a mess.

    Try defending the idiot we have in the White House. Even the Lib economists find Obama a hopeless amateur.

    The reason why I did a reconstruct on my blog header is because it is my header. I cannot plagiarize your blog header because I WAS HERE BEFORE YOU. It is that simple. And I am sending you a message. Last week you pretended to have threatened me into submission, causing me to change my blog header. The fact was that I went out of town for a 4 day. When I got back, I did a reconstruct. In time I will change it, once again. Since I own "Midknight Review" and its variables, I can do whatever I want.

    Tell that to the two fellows who seem to be regular readers of your blog.

  2. "Since I own 'Midknight Review' and its variables, I can do whatever I want."

    Actually, you calling your name "Midknight Review" does not give you ownership to any variant of the name and free reign to do whatever you want. Despite your claims, just because you believe you own the title to this website does not mean you can copy it with immunity - plagiarism is still plagiarism.

    Your argument that you were here before me is also a poor one - I have been using the name "Midnight" for some time (Since 2001).

    As for claim that I plagiarized you - you offer zero proof while I have offered countless articles showing evidence of your plagiarist tendencies.

    You stole my blog name. You pretend to be a "moderate Republican" when in fact, you are a Socialist liberal.

    You think I am a "Socialist liberal" but you fail to understand what that really means. People who tend to use socialism as a keystone argument typically have no understanding what that is. Through your writings, you yourself have actually supported aspects of socialism or liberalism (like your support of Sarah Palin or abortion).

    Your writing is horrendous, grammatically and otherwise. You are simply a mess.

    I never claimed to be a literary master but after reading your web page, I feel pretty confident in my writing style. As I had written before, I have a liking for run on sentences, but then again so was James Joyce.

    Try defending the idiot we have in the White House. Even the Lib economists find Obama a hopeless amateur.

    Your argument regarding liberal economists is funny. Liberal economists are upset with Obama because he has been acting more like a Republican. It is their belief that increased spending is the best thing for the economy and that Obama is not liberal enough. Are you advocating more liberal spending policies?

    Tell that to the two fellows who seem to be regular readers of your blog.

    Actually, if you have paid any attention, you would notice there are a lot more then two regular commenters, compared with your site which barely has any comments left on the hundreds of articles cut and paste from other sources - I know because I've gone through each of your articles.

    Face it - The Midnight Review is here to stay...

  3. You don't and can't own MidKnight and all its variables. If just saying something made it true, then I'm a billionaire. didn't appear.

    You CAN say and do whatever you want - despite the attempts by you and your Teabagging Colleagues to convert this country into a theocracy - but without the momentum you once had from preying on peoples fear and insecurities you will eventually learn how to accept the consequences of your actions.

    Good parenting usually instills a sense of responsibility for ones actions, but most of you 'Baggers have looked to Bush and Cheney as your role models. Just because they shirked any responsibility for their actions mean you can't too!

    You cut and paste entire articles, you duplicate other peoples headers, and you throw out random insults and labels (such as calling KevinK a 'socialist liberal' without seeming to understand the words you're using. I'm almost inclined to think you're some sort of Turing Test that cobbles together random pictures, articles, and Conservative Buzz-words from all over and then churns them out.

  4. @Anonymous-

    Thank you. Your comments are great - I love at the end when you ask if Smithson is some kind of Turing Test!

    The reason why I posted this article is to show just how blatantly wrong John Smithson is, yet he still insists he is correct - he even claimed he had a legal backing in copying some of the articles that he plagiarized. The level of ignorance is just astounding.

    I am of the mindset that if I post his hypocrisies, and just offer a little explanation, instead of just going on the attack like him, intelligent people would seem to get it.

    If you have read some of the early John Smithson posts, be sure to check out his comments - they are very entertaining.

    My particular favorite was when he argued that he never called socialism a curse despite asking the following: "Do you see Marxist/Socialism as the curse it is?"

    He then proceeded to make the claim that the word "curse" was an adjective, not a noun, and insisted that he was correct.

    I double checked to make sure that I was not wrong, and posted the results proving him wrong.

    What happened after?

    He went silent. When I called Smithson out on quitting the debate, he claimed that he was a busy individual and that this website wasn't one of his top priorities, yet for months he has come back to leave comments and recently took the time to copy this site...

  5. I think there was that other time when he argued that he never "said" anything because it was written, not spoken.

    And then his insistence that I am slandering him, even though it would be considered libel!

    I find that one humorous as well - I offer proof to back up my claims while he is the one that prefers to libel...


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