Friday, July 16, 2010

Majority Of Americans Don't Want Health Care Reform Repealed

How out of touch is the GOP with the American people?  You constantly hear claims from the right that people don't want the health care reform that was passed earlier this year and that the Republicans are making it part of their goal to repeal the legislation, but that is at odds with what the people actually want.

Sam Stein wrote for The Huffington Post that 61 percent of the respondents to a Bloomberg News poll had come out against repeal, while only 37 percent favor the Republican-held position.
A Bloomberg News poll released on Wednesday shows that a full 61 percent of respondents don't have interest in repealing the health care legislation that Congress passed earlier this year (47 percent want to see how it works, 14 percent say it should be left alone). Just 37 percent want the bill repealed (as is the wish of the Republican leadership).

The numbers underscore increasing public approval of the health care reform law. It also illustrates the potential dangers the Republican caucus assumes by make the repeal agenda a major plank of its campaign platform.

On Thursday, House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) announced that, once in power, he would work to repeal the financial reform legislation that the Senate was set to pass that afternoon. The comments reverberated quickly through news desks as emblematic of a broader push by the GOP to essential unravel the Obama agenda if they take back congressional power.
The GOP and their right-wing allies had spent a year attacking health care reform, chiseling away at support for the bill, but now that it is signed into law, the people want to see how it goes or leave it alone.  I think the conservatives against the bill are going to work even harder between now and November to try and get that "37 percent" a little higher, but the fact of the matter is that the Republicans are trying to act against the wishes of the majority - they are only trying to fulfill the wishes of their base.

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