Monday, July 26, 2010

Despite Conservative Claims, Administration Has Been Tough On Illegal Immigration

I just thought this article needed more exposure - Peter Slevin for The Washington Post had written that the Obama administration has been more aggressive in the deportation of illegal immigrants and the auditing of businesses that hire undocumented workers.
The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency expects to deport about 400,000 people this fiscal year, nearly 10 percent above the Bush administration's 2008 total and 25 percent more than were deported in 2007. The pace of company audits has roughly quadrupled since President George W. Bush's final year in office.

The effort is part of President Obama's larger project "to make our national laws actually work," as he put it in a speech this month at American University. Partly designed to entice Republicans to support comprehensive immigration reform, the mission is proving difficult and politically perilous.

Obama is drawing flak from those who contend the administration is weak on border security and from those who are disappointed he has not done more to fulfill his campaign promise to help the country's estimated 11 million illegal residents. Trying to thread a needle, the president contends enforcement -- including the deployment of fresh troops to the Mexico border -- is a necessary but insufficient solution.
The administration is pushing comprehensive immigration reform, but in the meantime, they have upped deportation and company audits and deployed troops to the border to assist in enforcement.  Where is the praise from Obama's harshest critics who seemed to have been calling for such actions?

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