Wednesday, July 21, 2010

RNC Hid $7 Million In Debt From FEC

We all saw how the right-wingers blasted Vice President Joe Biden because a recent audit of Biden's failed presidential campaign a couple years ago had shown some improper bookkeeping, including illegally accepting a discounted corporate charter flight, the acceptance of above-the-limit donations, and the failure to close some payments and debts - Biden has been fined $219,000.

With that being said, I am curious as to how many conservative sites are going to mention The Washington Times story that shows the Republican National Committee failed to report $7 million in debts to the Federal Election Commission.  After going through a couple sites like The Drudge Report or Fox News, I saw zero mention of the RNC's money problems.  I found that odd considering the severity of the issue.
In a memo to RNC budget committee members, RNC Treasurer Randy Pullen on Tuesday accused Chairman Michael S. Steele and his chief of staff, Michael Leavitt, of trying to conceal the information from him by ordering staff not to communicate with the treasurer - a charge RNC officials deny.

Mr. Pullen told the members that he had discovered $3.3 million in debt from April and $3.8 million from May, which he said had led him to file erroneous reports with the FEC. He amended the FEC filings Tuesday.

Campaign-finance analysts said that simply misreporting fundraising numbers to the FEC can lead to millions of dollars in fines and that criminal charges can be levied if the actions are suspected to be intentional.
I wonder what kind of spin GOP muppet Michael Steele is going to put on this...


  1. Kevin, this is a great find. First I have seen it. Kudos!!

    I can predict the Reoublican response. They will lie.

  2. I think the only other mention I saw was on The Huffington Post, which redirects to the original article...


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