Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hawaii Governor Vetoes Civil Unions Bill. Why?

From an article by Tamara Audi from The Wall Street Journal:
In a controversial last-minute decision, Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle Tuesday vetoed legislation that would have allowed same-sex civil unions in her state. The move was a setback for gay rights groups, and once again thrust Hawaii onto the frontlines of the national battle over gay marriage.

In announcing her decision Tuesday afternoon, the Republican governor said at a news conference that she felt the bill was "essentially same-sex marriage by another name."
Republicans are constantly complaining that gay marriage is an assault on the institute of marriage, so what did the elected representatives of Hawaii do?  They decided to create a secular union for homosexuals to utilize and join together.

Was that good enough? 


The Republican governor decided that unions are the same thing as marriage.  What does that mean?  Republicans will never support gay unions because they think two people of the same sex joined together is icky.

With decisions like this, it is amazing that the Log Cabin Republicans still associate with the GOP. 

I just don't get any of this.  Legislators are elected by the people and those elected to represent Hawaiians voted in favor of civil unions.  Sounds to me like the GOP is the one who are out of step with the electorate...

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