Saturday, July 10, 2010

Palingates Reports On The Conservative Hypocrisy Regarding The National Enquirer

It was brought to my attention that Patrick at Palingates referenced The Midnight Review in an excellent article detailing the hypocrisy surrounding the conservative's use of the National Enquirer to disparage political enemies.  As I had written in a previous article, when Sarah Palin became the target of a National Enquirer article, the publication was threatened with lawsuits - the paper stood behind it's articles claiming it had reputable sources.

I suggest reading Patrick's article over at Palingates - he had done a superb job writing about her affair, pointing out all the hypocrisies along the way (Palingates is renowned for their thorough articles).  As Patrick put it, "I don't think that the right wingers would complain - after all, the National Enquirer is a credible news source, is it not?"


  1. Hi Kevin,

    thanks a lot for the nice article, we really appreciate it! :-)

  2. No problem. Palingates is a great website with high quality articles. Just doing my part to spread the word!


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