Friday, July 2, 2010

Anti-Abortion Thugs Attack Jimmy Kimmel Production Crew

You hear of all those accounts from the right-wing sources how people from SEIU are a bunch of thugs who bully those who don't do what they say, but here is an instance of some Christian anti-abortion protesters who accost Jimmy Kimmel's production crew, grabbing his equipment but then yelling "assault" when crew members tried to remove the man from their property.

When the production crew told the protesters to stop filming and let go of their equipment, one protester said that they were in the right because they were on public property, claiming that the production crew's lights were "burning [their] people."

After the police took statements, they notified the protester who grabbed the equipment that they had witnesses that said he attacked Jimmy Kimmel's crew. He insisted that he wanted the other guy to go to jail too and stated he had video, but apparently he had no witnesses of his own and the police arrested him when he said he wanted to press the matter further.

From what I gather, the opinion from the protesters was that the hot lights from the crew was "assaulting" the children protesters and therefor the crew needed to be arrested. I thought it was interesting that when the protesters didn't get their way, they became confrontational with the police.

The anti-abortion protesters were just another bunch of self-righteous thugs.

Watch the video:

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