Monday, July 12, 2010

Political Activism Targeting Campaign Advertising

I had a great idea regarding political activism, and it is very easy to do, too.  Campaigns revolve around money and those who have large supplies of money tend to win the election.  I had thought of a great way to sap a target candidate's money - use their advertising against them!

That's right!

Say you hate a particular candidate - simply request bumper stickers, yard signs, or buttons to become a drain on their supplies.  Even better, access their online banners advertising their campaign because each click will cost their campaign some money.  If you and your friends do this for every ad you see on every website, you can quickly eliminate a candidate's online presence, unless they put more money into their advertising budget, but even then would still hurt their campaign because it would detract from other areas of their campaign.

I had discussed this possibility with a friend a while back when I ordered my Charlie Crist bumper stickers.  I asked what exactly would have stopped me from ordering 5,000 instead of 5.  I assume the campaign headquarters would probably question my order, but what if they didn't?  What if I ordered an entire pallet of yard signs?  What if I did this to Marco Rubio while supporting Crist?  I thought the potential for something like this would be big - I chose not to do it because I consider these actions to be unethical, but as we have seen in the conservative circles, ethics and political activism don't really mix...


  1. I think it's much more likely the hq will ask you why you want so many. Campaign strategists pick up on stuff like that easily.

  2. I thought about that. I guess the thought of having a pallet arrive in my driveway was entertaining to me, but the advertisements seems a far more easier method, although considering the price per ad, one would have an army of activists do nothing but search the internet all day (I suppose that advertisers would notice the same IP address clicking on one particular ad, but I'm sure if the logistics were worked out, this could be effective).


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