Sunday, July 11, 2010

After Midnight Review Report, Big Peace Adds Comment Moderation

As I had reported before, Andrew Breitbart's newest Big site, Big Peace, lacked any comment moderation, allowing commenters to flame critics of their rightwing propaganda.  Here is an example:

Since my initial article yesterday, things have changed:

Notice the insult at the top of the comment?  On top of that, look at what Jamesb wrote - he claims that after making a mistake, I backed up my comments and then continually apologized for Islamic extremist terrorists, which is far from the truth.  After admitting my mistake, I still stood by the point of my original comment, and I did not apologize for Islam - I defended it from the countless baseless smears found on the site.

I also thought it was funny that Jamesb felt the need to reference his "LOVELY girlfriend."  If you are wondering what I had written prior to his response, here it is:

I was referring to his vulgar "prick swallowing asshole" comment.  I thought I would have a little fun at his expense, but apparently he felt a need to defend his sexuality on an online message board.  Go figure...

Here is another flame in response to another commenter:

After reviewing previous posts by CP7768, I could not find one thing that would warrant such a comment - CP7768 was responding to Jamesb's flame against my comment where Jamesb called me a "dickhead."

Anyway, now that Big Peace has added a report button, I will be doing some notification to hopefully get discourse on the propaganda site to a somewhat respectable level - getting it to an intelligent level is a completely different project.

I will keep the world updated.  Oh, and to not be hypocritical, I had deleted my comment that may have been taken offensively.


  1. Jamesb is a flagrant violator. On July 17th, he called me a f-er and other choice words. I have complained and to date, nothing has been done. If you will give me an e-mail address, I will send you the links. Love you cite. HuskersLoveBo

  2. The e-mail I use for this site is mumnow(at symbol)

    So far, only one comment has been removed by the administrator, but not the more offensive ones. I frequently check back and nothing has been done - I even reported the comments multiple times hoping to grab the moderator's attention.

    I keep thinking to myself that my insistence is petty, but then I am reminded that I am only following their standards (which they do not follow). If you give them an inch, they won't stop until they are miles away...


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