Friday, July 2, 2010

Palin's Walk Down Memory Lane

I thought this was funny enough to share - Jason Linkins wrote an article for The Huffington Post about Sarah Palin's recent keynote speech for a bowling trade show, in which Palin didn't totally bomb and her speech seemed to have been moderately accepted by those in attendance.  I'll have to admit that some of Palin's comments sounded pretty good and I imagine would have resounded nicely among those in the industry, but that is not the interesting part.  Linkins cited Andrew Sullivan from The Atlantic who made a pretty astute observation regarding Palin's speech.

Palin gave one of those touchy-feely kind of statements about how bowling played an important part in her life, recalling her youth back in Idaho when her father was part of a bowling league.  "My Dad was on a Thursday night bowling league," she said. "He bonded with his buddies. I have memories of that point of my life which mean very, very much to me."

As Sullivan points out, "Palin was three months old when she left Idaho."

Why would Sarah Palin lie about memories of her father bowling when she was only an infant, unless of course she really remembered those Thursdays daddy Palin remembered to bring the future half-term governor of Alaska with him (if he remembered to bring her at all)?

Palingates also thought Palin's lies were worth outing and had received a comment by Phil Munger of Progressive Alaska adding to the Idaho memory lie.
She also claimed in her speech, "There were a lot of cold nights where I'm from where after basketball games we would meet at the bowling center."

The Wasilla bowling alley, on the Palmer-Wasilla HWY, was completed in very early 1985. Before that, there were no lanes in Wasilla. By the time the lanes were in, she had given up basketball, and was somewhere between her 2nd and 3rd college.
While these comments may seem innocuous, this only further proves just how duplicitous and deceiving Sarah Palin really is, and it shows she doesn't really discriminate about what she lies about - she lies about the little things too!

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