Monday, July 26, 2010

Big Journalism Vs. Media Matters

Back in June, I had made a post comparing some data between Big Government and Media MattersToday I thought it would be interesting to compare Big Journalism and Media Matters - I felt that maybe Big Journalism would be a better source to compare with considering it was intended to be Breitbart's answer to traditional journalism, giving readers the real truth, which is what Media Matters aims to do (although one could argue that all of Breitbart's sites are designed to combat the facts).

First, lets look at the numbers: Media Matters has almost twice the visitors of Big Journalism, with Big Journalism on the decline.

Secondly, lets look at the where visitors tend to go after reading information on the two sites: Media Matters' readers tend to go to other search engines, such as Google or Yahoo, or to other media accountability sites such as Newsbusters - Big Journalism just funnels readers to other Breitbart sites, such as or Big Government (or Drudge Report).

Thirdly, lets see how people get to the two sites: while readers find Media Matters by typing things such as "Glenn Beck," "Dick Morris," or "women in regan cabinet," readers at Big Journalism stumbled upon the site when searching such things as "newspaper relief agency" or "obama... destined to become black-slavery avenger."

What does this indicate?  Breitbart's "journalism" site is nothing more then another room in the vast right-wing echo chamber while Media Matters continues to be a safe haven for those researching the facts.  I encourage everyone to look at the figures - the results are astounding...

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