Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gallup Poll Shows Democrats Leading Voters' Congressional Candidate Prefference For Second Straight Week

I thought the above graph was interesting - I found it on The Huffington Post and thought the accompanied article was very interesting, especially when you constantly hear right-wing sources claim there will be a Republican takeover of the House and the Senate this fall.

Mark Blumenthal wrote the following regarding the graph:
Last week’s Gallup result showed Democrats with a six-point lead (49% to 43%), a result that I argued was likely the sort of random statistical “blip” we should expect from time to time with this sort of tracking survey. This week, Gallup reported a Democratic margin is a slightly narrower four points (48% to 44%), but Gallup’s analysis noted that it “marks the second straight week in which Democrats have held an edge of at least four percentage points” and “the first time either party has held an advantage of that size for two consecutive weeks” in Gallup’s tracking.
The results may just be an anomaly, but it is very interesting nonetheless, and should put conservatives on the edge of their seats - we all remember the tale of the tortoise and the hare...

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