Saturday, May 22, 2010

Conservative Activists Think Obama Spends Most Of His Time Delivering Speeches, Going To Parties, And Playing Golf.

Conservative activists are trying to make their case against the administration anyway they can but they always seem to fall flat with the facts. Take for instance a recent article written by John Smithson of Midknight Review, who recently made the argument on his website that the president has spent 11 out of 16 of his months in office writing speeches and attending events to deliver them.

Smithson writes:
By the end of 2009, Mr Obama had written and presented 726 speeches. Based on a baseline of an 8 hour day and 3 hours per speech for writing, traveling to and from, and the delivery, Obama spent 9 months of actual time in 2009 just on his personal appearances Add another 310 speeches this year. Total time spent in personal appearances and speeches: 388 hours not including the dozens of appearances on Media Minion.
I had commented on the article stating that the president most likely has speechwriters, so the author's figures may have been off by a lot. Smithson's response was that he believes that Obama is a "control freak," writing his own speeches and doing nothing more then playing golf and going to parties.

If Obama wrote his speeches, then who is Jon Favreau, and why is he Director of Speechwriting for President Barack Obama?

I thought I would share this article by Beau Elliot from March of 2008. Elliot points out that President George W. Bush had actually broken the record for taking vacations, spending 879 days at his Crawford, Texas ranch. This article was written before Bush's term was up, and so the actual number may be higher. That is roughly 30% of Bush's entire time in office spent on vacation...

Need I say more?

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  1. I'd rather have a president writing speeches than destroying the Constitution.


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