Wednesday, May 26, 2010

John Smithson States Obama Being Used By The "White Man"

John Smithson had denied being a racist when asked by myself if he viewed African-Americans to be his equals, but then there are articles like the one he wrote today, where Smithson states that the president, whom he called a "dummy wannabe intellectual," is being used by the "Marxist White Man," later writing that Obama is doing the bidding of his white "masters."

According to Smithson, the welfare system has destroyed the "Black family," doing nothing more then subsidize their drug addictions.  Smithson argues that the health care reform bill, and this new financial reform bill, are a return to the supposed welfare state of 30 years ago.

Seeing that Smithson places the blame on Obama, I thought it would be interesting to look at the figures during other presidencies.  Here are a couple graphs, depicting the percentage of Americans on welfare since 1960:

While welfare recipients rose slightly during the Democratic administrations of the sixties, as soon as a Republican took office, the numbers jumped.  They fell slightly under President Carter, and remained rather steady during the Reagan administration, but check out the steep drop under President Clinton!

How about Smithson's assertion that black people used welfare to fund their drug habits?  According to the Office of National Drug Control Policy's 2006 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, illicit drug use by African-Americans was 9.8% while whites were at 8.5% - not too much of a difference there.

I guess white people's drug use isn't related to welfare, or maybe African-Americans get that 1.4% boost from their benefits checks.  It is interesting that conservative activists like to paint Obama as some sort of dunce, despite the fact that he graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Harvard Law School.  These same people were adamnt in defending President Bush, who was mostly a "C" student at Yale.  Go figure...

Update - May27th, 2010 - In response to this article, John Smithson mentioned he did not recall telling this website he was not a racist.  Smithson responded on an April 20th article stating so:


  1. 1. I do not recall this: John Smithson had denied being a racist when asked by myself if he viewed African-Americans to be his equals.

    Of course I am not a racist but when did the above discussion occur?

    2. In my referenced article, the racists are those who USE Obama to do his bidding and further enslave Blacks in a system of welfare. When redistribution of wealth includes those who do not work for whatever reason ( some good, others only excuses) or have not the educational background to hold down a job that covers life's expenses, THAT redistribution is nothing short of "welfare" by definition.

    3. Re: "wannabe intellectual." My article makes the case. In this response, I use three issues: a true intellectual would never pretend to be a Constitutional authority having failed to author a single paper on the subject. An intellectual would never pretend to be "Editor of the Harvard Law Review" when, in fact, he was not. Finally, a true intellectual would never present such childish solutions as this: If we but only maintain proper air pressure in our tires, we could forgo our dependency on Middle Eastern oil. Laughable.

  2. I had posted an image of your comment in the article above.

    As for your comments being racist, your statements implied that a black man was doing the bidding of his white masters, and that a man who graduated Magna Cum Laude from one of America's premier colleges was too too dumb for the white man's tricks...

    Your comments certainly didn't paint whites in a negative picture.

    As for your third point attacking the intellectuality of the president and his comprehension of the constitution, it is this author's opinion that people such as yourself have a very warped view of the foundations this nation was built upon and is in no position to criticize...

  3. So, we didn't have that discussion. There is but one answer to the question of whether Blacks are our equals. But enjoy your lie.

    Me a raciest? you do not begin to spend as much time as I have with the disenfranchised of the community.

    My point about the lackey and the white man? The racists in my post are the white Democrats. When the South was at its worst, it was white Democrat. The Civil war was fought between Republicans and White Southern Democrats. The KKK was manned by white Democrats. My graduate days were spent in the South back in the late 1960's. Anyone in power, all controlling raciest leaders were white Democrats. Both sides have acted poorly but it wasn't the GOP who institutionalized southern racism.

    As to Obama's "intellectualism." What a joke. Magna Cum Laude = the top ten percent of the class. So, you believe the top ten percent of a class are the intellectuals ?? And who said that he graduated in the top ten percent? The same guy who said he was the Editor of the Harvard Law Review ?

    I remind you of the three illustrations I offered in my original "comment." You ignored all three.

  4. 1. I posted the image of the comment you left on this website. You had responded to my question which you had placed beside an asterisk. You acknowledged my question and answered it yet you continue to deny not having a discussion? It was a simple question and answer...


    2. I responded to your second point, writing that "your statements implied that a black man was doing the bidding of his white masters, and that a man who graduated Magna Cum Laude from one of America's premier colleges was too too dumb for the white man's tricks." Sounds like I addressed your second point too.

    3. You attack Obama as a "wannabe intellectual" and question as to whether he was even graduated Magna Cum Laude - a fact that even Harvard recognizes.

    You tout your mere presence in the South as evidence that you are not a racist, blaming "white Democrats" for the plight of the black man, but I wasn't even discussing the historical significance of party politics and racism, and the fact that you would imply modern day Democrats as being racist is ridiculous, especially when considering the actions of modern day conservatives...

    The fact that you deny simple facts as what percentage of the Harvard class Obama graduated in does more to damage your reputation then you may think. I also thought it interesting that you ridicule the president for suggesting one fills their tires to conserve resources. It is simple tasks like these that conservatives ignore that have caused our energy dependence...


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