Monday, May 10, 2010

Sand Lake Hills Violates Another Florida Statute

As I had written previously, the Orlando homeowners association for Sand Lake Hills Section 2 intends to violate Florida statutes.

This is what I had written last week:
According to Florida statutes, all members and homeowners are allowed entry, as well as the right to speak, but apparently the folks in the Sand Lake Hills HOA believe the law does not apply to them.
According to their proxy forms, they are limiting access to their meeting to "Board, Board invited guests or speakers, and members in good standing on record as of April 30, 2010," but the interesting thing is that their proxy forms have been recently added to their website either on or after that date (I had checked on the status of the HOA's proxy forms on the evening of April 29th), meaning they purposefully posted notification of their meeting without giving parcel owners a sufficient chance to become a "member in good standing" prior to the meeting.
I had given the association some time, hoping they would comply with Florida statutes, but I was wrong.  In the past week, the association violated another Florida statute.  Florida statute 720.306 section (5), regarding notification of meetings, states the following:
The association shall give all parcel owners and members actual notice of all membership meetings, which shall be mailed, delivered, or electronically transmitted to the members not less than 14 days prior to the meeting.
The HOA plans to hold their meeting on May 22nd.  It has now passed the 14 days, as required by law, to notify "all parcel owners and members."  The association has instead hid their notification on a proxy form that can be accessed from their website that requires members to sign in using an ID and password - hardly the "actual notice" required by law.  On top of that, their proxy form lacks a specific time.  It is believed that the board of directors actually contacts the "members in good standing" prior to the meeting to notify them of the actual time, leaving the rest of the membership and parcel owners in the dark...

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