Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Schwarzenegger Flip-Flops On Oil Drilling

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has changed his mind about oil drilling after news of the oil rig explosion reached the west coast.

"You turn on the television and see this enormous disaster, you say to yourself, 'Why would we want to take on that kind of risk?'" Schwarzenegger said.

The plan in California was to use oil drilling to fund the operation of state parks, but now the governor will seek the funds elsewhere.

While I disagree with the change in heart, which is similar to Charlie Crist's change in Florida, I am willing to bet one thing - the GOP won't punish Schwarzenegger.

There had been rumors circulating for weeks of Charlie Crist running as an independent, and with each move Crist had made that was contrary to the hard right position, the GOP worked hard to disown the Florida governor, preemptively striking, imposing their loyalty policy on party members and then working hard to label Crist as a super-lefty opportunist. There were even rumors spread that Obama was seeking presidential approval to become a Democratic candidate in the fall.

Will we see the same actions taken against Schwarzenegger?

I highly doubt it.

While Schwarzenegger had been criticized by his party in the past, there has seemed to be this unwillingness to come out against the moderate governor and his un-conservative policies. Instead, the party seems to turn their head, hypocritically attacking others, while letting Schwarzenegger get away with what some on the right would equate to murder. It seems he gets a free pass because he is the governor of California, and after all, California is filled with all those Hollywood liberal elitists - don't forget that Schwarzenegger was the biggest action movie star in the world before becoming governor.


  1. This song is going into production and will be out with a percentage going toward helping in any way we can along the Gulf coastline. I hope you'll listen to it.


  2. Nice. I really enjoy the song. The lyrics are great, the vocals are excellent (I am slightly reminded of Randy Newman crossed with Bob Dylan), and the guitar is nice.

    The chorus is the best...

    I imagine a nice live version in front of a large crowd singing along with the chorus, in similar fashion to Paul McCartney's "Freedom"

    Keep up the good work!


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