Sunday, May 23, 2010

Republican's Ironic Look At This Year's Elections

From a New York Times article by Jeff Zeleny and Carl Hulse regarding the Republican dilemma of how exactly to run their campaign for this year's midterm elections:
Republicans remain confident of making big gains in the fall elections, but as the midterm campaign begins in earnest, they face a series of challenges that could keep the party from fully capitalizing on an electorate clamoring for change in Washington.

There are growing concerns among Republicans about the party’s get-out-the-vote operation and whether it can translate their advantage over Democrats in grass-roots enthusiasm into turnout on Election Day. They are also still trying to get a fix on how to run against President Obama, who, polls suggest, remains relatively well-liked by voters, even as support for his agenda has waned.

Republicans are working to find a balance between running simply against Democrats and promoting a specific alternative agenda. And they are struggling with how to integrate the passions of the Tea Party movement — with its anti-government ideology, anti-incumbent bent and often-rough political edges — into the Republican party apparatus.
So essentially, Republicans have to decide how to integrate the fervor of the anti-establishment fringe into a mainstream campaign to wrestle control of the government from Democrats, who hold a majority in both houses and who have a relatively popular president in the White House.

If you think about it, the Republicans are basically telling a majority of Americans that they know whats best for them, and what is even more ironic is that the GOP is trying to convince the Tea Party to vote for the establishment - the Republican Party!

I really think conservatives are overstating their advantages leading into this fall's elections.

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