Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rush Limbaugh Believes Oil Is A Great Fertilizer

I was thinking of something today.  Rush Limbaugh has been attacking the administration nonstop since the oil rig explosion last month, calling the disaster "Obama's Katrina," obviously referring to President Bush's botched management of the hurricane crisis in New Orleans. What bothers me about Limbaugh's attacks, apart from them being completely false, is that Limbaugh has recently been distorting reality, questioning the existence of spilled oil, claiming it has evaporated and then insisting that oil is good for the environment, acting as a fertilizer because it contains carbon. Apparently Limbaugh had done some "research into this."

Limbaugh's statements are ridiculous. He is claiming the oil leak is no big deal, yet he continues to attack the Obama administration. How can that be? How can the disaster be "Obama's Katrina" if he is now claiming there is no real danger? The reality is that Limbaugh is an idiot and he says these things to obviously piss off his critics, although I think he actually believes these things. What is dangerous is that there are people out there who take Limbaugh's propaganda as truth. I worry for the people who do...

John Smithson is just one of those people who seemed to have fallen for this idea that the oil spill does not represent an immediate threat.  "Up until just now, this editor has believed this oil spill to be one of the most disasterous environment catastrophies in American history" wrote Smithson, echoing Limbaugh's claims in his blog today.  Smithson uses the gasoline-on-the-driveway experiment as reason to doubt the idea that oil spewing from a pipe a mile beneath the water's surface poses no negative impact, later expressing his hope that studies would show the oil to have no effect on the environment, in what Smithson believes would be a "hoot."

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