Sunday, May 30, 2010

James O'Keefe Cries That His Videos (Obtained While Fraudulently Representing Himself) Were Deleted

Reported by Andrew Breitbart's website, the conservative activist who plead guilty to entering a federal building under false pretenses, cried that when his possessions were returned to him, the video taken on his cellular phone had been deleted.
A spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney’s office said Saturday that U.S. Magistrate Daniel Knowles III ordered the footage removed. O’Keefe made the claim Friday in a posting on his Twitter social networking site.
Why would O'Keefe even bother to make a seemingly innocuous comment on his Twitter account unless it was to feed into the paranoia that surrounds his every move. Taking a page from Glenn Beck's play book, O'Keefe makes it sound as if the government was doing something wrong in deleting the video he obtained while illegally entering the office of a U.S. Senator to do god knows what.

The O'Keefe fan club is buying into this propaganda too!

Commenters at Big Government and have already come out against the government, calling the orders of Knowles to be criminal, destroying evidence that can prove their pimp was innocent.  Apparently they believe O'Keefe should have never been arrested in the first place because he was a journalist doing a story and that his actions were protected by the 1st Amendment.  I just wanted to point out that on O'Keefe's Twitter, he fails to mention that he is a conservative activist, giving the appearance that everything he does is not biased.  Why is this important?

Last year I reported on an article James O'Keefe wrote for New Guard Magazine, in which he proclaimed "conservative activists need to be their own media, and use their independent media to obtain their goals," which is exactly what he has been doing all along.  He uses his conservative channels to publish his work and then he and his cohorts go around pushing their stories as legitimate.  When the real journalists would then do their work, investigating O'Keefe, he would turn into the victim and his attack dogs like Breitbart and Beck will go out for the kill.  In O'Keefe's mind, he has never done anything wrong. 

"To my knowledge there was nothing in our videos that constituted a violation," wrote O'Keefe.  "We were more likely targeted due to our message, considering that there are millions of other videos that break copyright laws or contain sexual or violent material that are ignored."

He plays ignorance, claims to be the victim, and then points to others around him as proof that he is the one being attacked.  O'Keefe likes to argue that liberals are constantly waging an ideological war using Saul Alinsky's tactics, but it seems that he is the one using such tactics, and his followers either don't realize that they are being fooled, or they choose to ignore O'Keefe's propaganda because they see it as a "means to an end." 

I for one am glad that the videos were deleted, because O'Keefe would have surely edited them to advance his agenda, and considering his track record, they definitely would not have represented what actually had gone on in those offices.  I am also curious as to whether they had additional information on those phones that while damning were not enough to charge O'Keefe with any other crimes.

Think of how it sounds when you put things into perspective - James O'Keefe is upset that videos he created while committing a crime were deleted.


  1. What sickens me is that the bastard got probation. He should be doing some time.

  2. O'Keefe definitely deserves to do more time. He has been unrepentant so far and has announced that he will continue to conduct undercover "journalistic" pieces, which as we have seen in the past involved him violating the law with his accomplices...

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