Thursday, May 6, 2010

GOP Contributors To Crist Want Money Back

If I were Crist, and this were a school yard, I would say "no back-sies."

Apparently, prominent Republicans who contributed to Governor Charlie Crist's senate campaign when he was vying for the Republican spot on the ballot are a bit peeved that Crist is running in November under no political party affiliation.

Brenden Farrington wrote for The Huffington Post about the latest development in Crist's independent run:
Twenty prominent Republicans demanded That Gov. Charlie Crist return every penny that some of them gave to his Senate campaign, saying he broke donors' trust when he decided to run as an independent.

The Republicans, including former state GOP chairman Al Cardenas, noted that Crist had $7.6 million in his campaign account at the end of March and said anyone who wants their money back should have it returned.
I have a problem with that. These people want their money back because he is running against the now more-than-likely GOP candidate Marco Rubio, but it makes you wonder, why did they donate to Crist in the first place?

Hindsight can tell us that it wasn't based on Crist's principles. These detractors believe Crist's actions were motivated by self interests, but you would think that if these donors wanted Crist to win so badly that they donated large sums of money, they would also support any action that would result in a electoral win. If I back a candidate enough to donate money, then I am willing to support that same candidate if his party changes, and Crist's party did not change in this instance - he may be still be a Republican but he is running independently from the party.

Crist shouldn't give back the money, because it will essentially be funneled into Rubio's campaign, and strategically speaking, who in their right mind would fund the enemy? Instead, if Crist really feels a need to unload of these donor's cash, I suggest he donate it to various charities around the state.

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