Saturday, May 15, 2010

Marco Rubio Claims To Be Mainstream, Questions Zoning Restrictions. How About HOAs?

I know this article is a couple days old, but there was a particular statement made by GOP candidate Marco Rubio that I thought deserved greater attention, and is one of the only issues I support of his.

Here is what Rubio said:
"I'm not an anarchist. I believe government has an important role to play in society. I just don't think it should play a dominant role. I don't believe government is the most important institution in society. I believe in entrepreneurship. I believe in the free market. I want to live in a country where people can open up a business in the spare bedroom of their home, even if it's in violation of the zoning code. I want them to be able to pursue their dreams."
A common topic I reference on this website is the infringement of property rights by homeowners associations, and while Rubio mentions zoning restrictions, I wonder if he would take a similar stance on the covenants and restrictions placed on a property, or if he will take the Republican route, defending the industry, opting for less regulation designed to protect property owners.

I had decided to contact Rubio and ask him to clarify his position. Here is what I wrote:
Dear Mr. Rubio,

You had made a recent statement that people should be able to "open up a business in the spare bedroom of their home, even if it's in violation of the zoning code." I was wondering if you would take a similar stance regarding HOA's and their infringement on property owner's rights.

Currently, in the state of Florida, there is no regulatory body protecting homeowners, and any conflict that arises between homeowners and HOAs would cause an unfair burden on the homeowner.

When problems arise, the property owner has no way to protect their property without taking on a tremendous financial burden, and even then, they are guaranteed no protections, while the HOA and the industry is looking to expand the law in their favor.

I would like to understand your position on HOAs.

If you would like a prime example of the problems that exist because of the minimal protections for property owners, I would like to direct you to a particular website that focuses around a lawsuit against an Orlando HOA.

Thank you,

It has been several days and I have not received any responses, and I doubt I will.  Rubio should quit playing coy and come out with what he really intends to do.

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