Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Sues Talking Babies For $100 Million Dollars (Is This A Plot For A Stupid Movie Or What?)

Maybe one more quickie before the storm hits!

I saw this story earlier on my phone about Lindsay Lohan fighting with E*Trade over their commercials featuring talking babies. Apparently Lohan took offense when in one commercial, one of the babies by the name of "Lindsay" was referred to as a "milkaholic," claiming the baby was based on her. This was enough to push the adult Lindsay into filing a lawsuit, requesting $100 million and for the ads to be pulled. Lohan claimed the company invoked her "likeness, name, characterization and personality" without her permission.

Lindsay's argument is weak, and it seems E*Trade won't back down, and better yet, have decided to file hundreds of papers detailing Lohan's reckless lifestyle. E*Trade also filed papers to have the lawsuit changed from Long Island to Manhatten, where it's headquarters are located.

What makes this case funny is that Lohan is really not denying that she lives life in the fast lane - after all, she is on probation after admitting to drunken driving and cocaine possession a couple years ago. Lohan apparently believes she owns the rights to the use of the name "Lindsay" when it is associated with addiction - sorry Lindsey Buckingham!

The story wouldn't be complete without Lohan's mother butting in. Dina Lohan stated that E*Trade's filings will only help her daughter, and that the only reason they were fighting E*Trade in the first place was because they were "demeaning" Lindsay.

E*Trade didn't really have to dig up any dirt, being that the media had done the work for them, detailing Lohan's wild lifestyle of drugs and booze. Everyone was familiar with Lohan being a drug addict and I am sure nobody ever drew a connection between Lohan and the talking babies before Lohan filed her lawsuit, but now that she has, it seems her past is coming back to haunt her, and Lohan believes that is fighting dirty. I guess E*Trade can't defend their name and try to prevent Lohan from "demeaning" them...

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